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Swiss Wines

wine photo Swiss wines are not well known outside Switzerland, which is probably due to the fact that only 1% of Swiss wine is exported. Switzerland produces approximately 4% of Europe's wine. However, there is a wide variety of grapes and wine styles to choose from. The Swiss have their own names for well known grape varieties, which include Fendant for Chasselas, Johannisberg for Sylvaner and three different names for Pinot Noir which are Blauburgunder, Spätburgunder and Clevner.

White Wines

For whites, Nick Dobson wines suggest the Vaud districts of Lavaux and Chablais for excellent Chasselas-based wines. Seek out the wines of Aigle, with its fairytale castle, and St. Saphorin and Dézaley, where steep terraced vineyards plunge to Lake Geneva. Valais offers rare indigenous white varieties including Fendants.

Our Recommendations

Fin Bec Fendant Fin Bec's Fendant is our favourite choice for white wine. Look out for the duck on the label. It goes well with raclette or fondue and is also good as an aperitif.

Fendant Balavaud Les Murettes fendant Other Fendants to look out for are Fendant Balavaud Grand Cru and Les Murettes. Both wines go well with fish or cheese.

Red Wines

Valais offers some of the best Pinot Noirs and indigenious varieties including Dôle. Geneva is is recommended for the best Swiss Gamays and Ticino, the Italian part of Switzerland, is well known for Merlot.

Our Recommendations

Le Tourmentin Fin Bec Pinot Noir
Le Tourmentin is our choice for red. It is a blend of pinot noir, copnalin, humagne rouge and syrah grapes and goes well with meat and cheese. We also liked the Fin Bec Pinot Noir, look out for the duck on the label.

Wine Styles

Blauburgunder - made from Pinot Noir grapes
Chasselas de Genéve - made from Gamay grapes
Clevner - made from Pinot Noir grapes
Dôle - a blend using a minimum of 80% Pinot Noir grapes and Gamay grapes which may be blended with other red varieties
Fendant - made from Chasselas grapes
Johannisberg - made from Silvaner grapes
La Côte - made from Chasselas grapes
Lavaux - made from Chasselas grapes
Merlot del Ticino - made from Merlot grapes
Newcastle (white) - made from Chasselas grapes
Neuchâtel (red) - made from Pinot Noir grapes
Œil-de-Perdrix - swiss rosé made exclusively from Pinot Noir grapes
Pinot Noir - made from Pinot Noir grapes
Riesling & Sylvaner - made from Riesling and Sylvaner grapes (Müller-Thurgau)
Salvagnin - made from Gamay grape and/or Pinot Noir grapes
Spätburgunder - made from Pinot Noir grapes
Ticino - made from Merlot grapes

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