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Location: Gornergrat mountain
Map Reference: G2
Telephone: 027 967 25 53
Photo: Grünsee restaurant
Directions: Accessible from Hohtälli via the White Hare (28) and then Mittelritz (30) or from Rotenboden by taking the Grünsee (26) connecting run.
Non skiers: Not accessible.

Our Views


There are two dining rooms ("Gletscherstuba" and "Trächa") seating up to 120 and a sun terrace. The "Trächa" room with its chimney offers a cozy mountain lodge atmosphere.

Food: Alaskan salmon specialities and homemade cakes.
Service: Slow service, restaurant was quiet but took ages to attract the waitress's attention.
Gluhwein: Gluhwien good. CHF 7.00.


Our ratings are based on individual ratings under each of four factors, three relating to the restaurant and the fourth based on its accessibility. The restaurant ratings are combined to give an overall restaurant score which rates each restaurant out of a maximum score of 15.

  Restaurant Rating
  Food   Not rated
  Service blue blue white white white 2 / 5
  Gluhwein blue blue blue blue white 4 / 5
  Restaurant Score 6 / 10
  Accessibility Rating
  Accessibility (Skiers) green 1 / 3
  Accessibility (Non Skiers) red 0 / 2
  Accessibility Score 1 / 5

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