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Zermatt, mountain restaurant capital of the world, has thirty eight mountain restaurants, in three linked skiing areas. Restaurants are organised by ski area, each area listed below has a dedicated webpage showing restaurant locations with links to information about each individual restaurant. Just about every restaurant has spectacular views of the Matterhorn and mountains, so choose a restaurant, stop for lunch, elevenses or afternoon drinks and enjoy.

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View from Findeln in Sunnegga area The Rothorn/Sunnegga area encompasses Sunnegga, Blauherd, Rothorn and Findeln. Sunnegga, as the name suggests, really is a suntrap. From Sunnegga, ski down to Findeln, home to five mountain restaurants, including Gornergrat Railway our favourite in Zermatt, Chez Vrony.

Gornergrat, is served by the Gornergrat railway and offers views of twenty nine peaks of 4000m plus. For easy access try the Kulm Hotel at the top of the mountain or for novelty, the
Igloo Dorf offering both red and white gluhwein.

View of MatterhornLast but no means least the Klein Matterhorn area offers the highest skiing and closest views of the Matterhorn. It can get very cold and windy
at times, but when the sun is shining the snow here will be the best in the resort. For great service and good food, try the Schwarsee Hotel at the top of the Schwarsee bubble.

We have visited and reviewed thirty four mountain restaurants in Zermatt and rated them on their food, service and gluhwein. Our top five in each category are shown below.

Top Five for Food

Number 1 Chez Vrony (R/S)
Number 2 Schwarzsee Hotel (KM)
Number 3 Fluhalp (R/S)
Number 4 Riffelberg Hotel (G)
Number 5 Simi (KM)

Top Five for Gluhwein

Number 1 Tuftern (R/S)
Number 2 Chez Vrony (R/S)
Number 3 Igloo Dorf (G)
Number 4 Stafelalp (KM)
Number 5 Les Marmottes (KM)

Top Five for Service

Number 1 Schwarzsee Hotel (KM)
Number 2 Chez Vrony (R/S)
Number 3 Fluhalp (R/S)
Number 4 Farmershaus (KM)
Number 5 Chami-Hitta (G)

Quick Links


R1 Adler, (Findeln)
R2 Blauherd, (Blauherd)
R3 Chez Vrony, (Findeln)
R4 Enzian, (Findeln)
R5 Findlerhof, bei Franz & Heidi, (Findeln)
R6 Fluhalp, (Fluhalp)
R7 Olympia Stübli, (Riedweg)
R8 Othmar's Hütte, (Ried)
R9 Paradies, Heinz Margot, (Findeln)
R10 Ried, (Ried)
R11 Rothorn, (Rothorn)
R12 Sunnegga, (Sunnegga)
R13 Tuftern, (Tuftern)


G0 Alm, (Untere Riffelalp)
G1 Alphitta bei Toni und Freddy, (Riffelalp)
G2 Barghus Grunsee, (Grunsee)
G3 Chami-Hitta, (Untere Riffelalp)
G10 Igloo Dorf, (Riffelberg)
G4 Kulm Hotel Gornergrat, (Gornergrat)
G5 Moos, (Moos)
G6 Riffelalp Hotel, (Riffelalp)
G7 Riffelberg Hotel, (Riffelberg)
G8 Ritti, (Untere Riffelalp)
G9 Snackbar Rote Nase, (Rote Nase)

Klein Matterhorn

M1 Aroleid, (Furi)
M2 Blatten, (Blatten)
M13 Farmershaus, (Furi)
M3 Furri, (Furi)
M4 Gandegghütte, (Trockener Steg)
M5 Gitz-Gadi, Hotel Silvana, (Furi)
M14 Hennu Stall, (Blatten)
M6 Kasestube Furgg, (Furgg)
M7 Les Marmottes, (Furi)
M8 Schwarzsee Hotel, (Schwarzsee)
M9 Simi, (Furi)
M10 Stafelalp, (Stafelalp)
M11 Trockener Steg, (Trockener Steg)
M12 Zum See, Max & Greti, (Zum See)

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