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Kanata Restaurant

Area: Pied Moutet
Map Reference: D7
Telephone: 06 12 29 49 03
Photo: View of restaurant
Directions: From the Valentin or Demoiselles pistes, turn left over a bridge just before crossing the Champame button lift. Ski down to the Côte chair lift and take it to the top. Exit the lift to the left and the Kanata is just below you.
Non skiers: Not accessible


Our Views


Rustic interior with an open fire and good atmosphere. Only drinking glasses appear to be half pint glasses, no wine glasses or vin chaud glasses. Menu is simple but good home cooking.

Omelette Food: Very large portions, typical rustic fare of salads, omelettes, pies and typical dishes such as tartiflette, spaghetti bolognaise and croute savoyade. Friday special of moules, frites and beer for 15 euros. Good value.
Service: Good, efficient service. Provided a Genepi digestiv on the house after the meal.
Vin Chaud: Served in a half pint glass, no fruit or spices, poor. 4 Euros.


Our ratings are based on individual ratings under each of four factors, three relating to the restaurant and the fourth based on its accessibility. The restaurant ratings are combined to give an overall restaurant score which rates each restaurant out of a maximum score of 15.

  Restaurant Rating
  Food blue blue blue blue white 4 / 5
  Service blue blue blue white white 5 / 5
  Vin Chaud blue blue blue white white 1 / 5
  Restaurant Score 10 / 15
  Accessibility Rating
  Accessibility (Skiers) green green green 3 / 3
  Accessibility (Non Skiers) red red 0 / 2
  Accessibility Score 3 / 5

Your Views

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