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Le Diable au Coeur  
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Le Diable restaurant

Area: Le Diable
Map Reference: D6
Telephone: 04 76 79 99 50
Photo: View of restaurant
Directions: At the top of the Diable bubble (red egg) or the Crêtes chair lift
Non skiers: Take the Diable bubble (red egg) from the Vensoc end of the village

Our Views


Interior Without a doubt the most comprehensive and best food on the mountain, but also the most expensive. State of the art fireplace.
Food: Entrees include soups, salads, foie gras, cold meats, raviolli, pork pate and a starter of the day. The gratins menu includes a selection of main dishes with cheese. The main dishes include a choice of different meat, fish, egg and pasta dishes as well as a dish of the day. Finally the desert menu includes favourites such as Tart Tatin and Tart Myrtilles and also a chocolate degustation. The food was very good and well presented. Portions were small but adequate. Children's menu available. Top end prices.
Service: OK, strange payment system as you must pay for drinks on ordering but pay for food at the end
Vin Chaud: A bit on the sweet side, served with fruit, 4.50 Euros.


Our ratings are based on individual ratings under each of four factors, three relating to the restaurant and the fourth based on its accessibility. The restaurant ratings are combined to give an overall restaurant score which rates each restaurant out of a maximum score of 15.

  Restaurant Rating
  Food blue blue blue blue white 5 / 5
  Service blue blue blue white white 4 / 5
  Vin Chaud blue blue blue white white 3 / 5
  Restaurant Score 12 / 15
  Accessibility Rating
  Accessibility (Skiers) green green green 3 / 3
  Accessibility (Non Skiers) red red 2 / 2
  Accessibility Score 5 / 5

Your Views

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