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Chalet de la Toura  
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Chalet de la Toura

Area: La Toura
Map Reference: D2
Telephone: 04 76 79 20 96
Photo: View of restaurant
Directions: From the exit at top of the Jandri Express bubble, ski straight down the track infront of you which is next to the rope tow. Turn left at the bottom of the rope tow and the restaurant is just below you (see photo below for location).
Non skiers: Take the Jandri Express telepherique and its a short walk down to the right from the Toura lift station (see photo below for location).

Interior Location
Photos: Interior, Chalet de la Toura (left), Location (right).

Our Views


Chalet de la Toura is a large restaurant with both waiter service and self service options. There is a small area of the terrace which is self service, whilst the rest of the restaurant has waiter service.
Food: Menu includes Pizza, Pasta, Omelettes, Entree of the Day and Dish of the Day. Portions are very large. The omelettes in particular are not a light option and will easily feed two hungry skiers. The spaghetti carbonara was a huge dish of spaghetti but had only a small amount of carbonara on the top.
Service: Inside was very fast, outside took a bit longer
Vin Chaud: Served with slice of orange, good spices, 4.20 Euros.


Our ratings are based on individual ratings under each of four factors, three relating to the restaurant and the fourth based on its accessibility. The restaurant ratings are combined to give an overall restaurant score which rates each restaurant out of a maximum score of 15.

  Restaurant Rating
  Food blue blue blue blue white 3 / 5
  Service blue blue blue white white 4 / 5
  Vin Chaud blue blue blue white white 4 / 5
  Restaurant Score 11 / 15
  Accessibility Rating
  Accessibility (Skiers) green green green 3 / 3
  Accessibility (Non Skiers) red 1 / 2
  Accessibility Score 4 / 5

Your Views

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